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AntiGameOrigin – the other OGame experience for all communities.

Enhances OGame for experienced users by many features:

  • Plenty of features for convenient regular play.
  • Permanent storage of options and data in the browser with ability to backup and synchronize them with other browsers and game accounts.
  • Participates in “Fair play” and might stop working if strictly forbidden tools are used.

Included Help tooltips in AntiGameOrigin Options to explain all features (in development).
To solve problems see the Troubleshooting board.
Submit other problems and bugs in the Bugs board.

The browser default setting “Allow cookies from all websites” is required.
OGame Options -> Tab Display -> Messages -> Check “Show full spy report”.
OGame Options -> Tab Display -> Other -> “Always show events” above or below the content.

The browser installs available updates automatically after some hours or sometimes after a restart.
Use the AntiGameOrigin Options menu feature “Show update notify” to install updates immediately.
Use the browser extensions page and check for updates. For Chrome, Iron and Opera Next you have to enable the “Developer mode”.