Features summary


  • All OGame notations, server and user settings are taken from the universe server.
  • Using the OGame API to get all players and all planets / moons (other features are coming soon).
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available for some pages (more are coming step by step)

Main view

  • Extended resources information.
  • Coordinates from any player in the universe.
  • Planet list with large active area to select a moon. Moons are marked by orange text and border color.

Messages Section

  • Show fleet composition in ‘Return of a fleet’ messages.
  • Text field to answer directly in alliance circular messages.
  • Quote button in player and alliance messages.
  • Additional buttons on Messages designed to optimize section’s management.
  • Espionage reports visualization optimized.
  • Simulator shortlinks and espionage reports submitting workflows integrated.
  • Improvement of WebSim for all OGame 3.0 features.Rezultat slika za antigameorigin

Buildings, Researches & Ships

  • Show finishing time, missing resources, number of buildable ships/defense and names over images.
  • Show senseless and senseful research levels.

Fleet Dispatch

  • Auto-copy and memorize coordinates function including history list.
  • Mission auto-selection.
  • Standard objective and routine tasks are available (expedition, collect & fleetsaving).
  • Memorize last missions to repeat them.
  • Calculator tool.
  • Planets, Moons and Speed shortcuts in a target table.

Event List

  • Easily manageable design and changeable behaviour for several ogame pages.
  • Show details like arrival date, fleet composition and shipment.
  • Mission colors are configurable.
  • All missions in the events are paired with a number and highlighted on mouse hover.

Galaxy Section

  • New and improved galaxy page layout.
  • Highlighting possibility on GalaxyView (for players, alliances & positions).
  • Playertooltip to show all coordinates from AntiGame database(OGame API) and Galaxytool.
  • Show size of debris field through different ways.
  • Shrink Galaxy page.

Rezultat slika za antigameorigin