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Version update – 6.3.0

AntiGameOrigin has been updated to 6.3.0.

  • (Feature) Click on a row in the spy table shows detailed information, will be further improved in next updates
  • (Feature) Different fleet and defense DF, new debris to DF calculation
  • (Bugfix) Repair orders in spy table
  • (Bugfix) Fixes for 6.3.0 Galaxy view

Testers for AGObeta 6.0.1

AGObeta is ready and we are looking for those who will test it.
If you are interested for AntiGameOrigin Tester position, come on IRC channel #antigame-v6
Here is also direct link for that channel: #antigame-v6

Version update – 6.2.0

AntiGameOrigin has been updated to 6.2.0.

  • (Bugfix) Commander staff fix
  • (Bugfix) CSS fixes for new Space Dock building
  • (Bugfix) Construction info for Space Dock
  • (Bugfix) Queued constructions in empire view mess up account overview
  • (Bugfix) Event list: foreign fleets didn’t show the player name
  • (Bugfix) Event list: fleets on foreign coords didn’t show target’s player name

Version update – 6.1.1

AntiGameOrigin has been updated to 6.1.1.

  • (Bugfix) Backend fixes because of newer versions of OGame
  • (Bugfix) Fixed connection between Add-on and antigame server
  • (Bugfix) Fix for backup and synchronization trough Antigame server

AntiGameOrigin for Opera

AntiGameOrigin is reviewed by Opera moderators and available for download.
Our add-on will from now appear in search results on

Version update – 6.1.0

AntiGameOrigin has been updated to 6.1.0.

  • (Feature) Spy button in spy table
  • (Bugfix) Fixes for 6.1.5
  • (Bugfix) Message deletion improvement
  • (Bugfix) Send more ships on attack
  • (Polishing) CSS improvements